Hack The Challenge 2019

Hack The Challenge is a regional incubation program that is designed to source, select, and support impactful ventures aimed at addressing the varied environmental issues the world is facing.


Piloting in Asia and the Pacific, each program cycle will focus on sourcing innovations that will solve the plastics problem in the region.

Generation Impact Fellowship 2020

The Generation Impact Fellowship Program is a regional entrepreneurship program that aims to support individuals with innovative solutions focusing on the SDGs. 


Open across 9 cities across Asia Pacific, the winning Regional Generation Impact Fellow will be granted with $5,000 in pure grant and $20,000 worth of incubation and support services from Impact Hub Asia Pacific. 


This landmark program is initiated by Impact Hub Asia Pacific and sponsored by Bank of America.

Accelerate Membership 2021

The Accelerate Membership, in partnership with Bank of America, is a curated 6-month membership opportunity designed to support impact-driven entrepreneurs. 


This innovative program aims to equip entrepreneurs with tailor-fit support in order to adapt to the new economy by providing members with access to resources from all over the world. The Accelerate Membership also helps address at least two of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.


Humans of Impact 2020

Humans of Impact is an event series led by Impact Hub Asia Pacific. The series enjoys different themes and topics per month, allowing different entrepreneurs’ points of view to come to life through relaxed, conversational webinars. It aims to share all kinds of impact that key opinion leaders, subject matter experts, thought leaders, and impact entrepreneurs have used to leave their mark on the world while encouraging dialogue among its panelists and viewers.